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Help us find our final iPhone winner

Where are you Sister Pushpa?

  • Thailand
  • May 13, 2011
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We recently celebrated the launch of the new-look ucanews.com website with a set of three prize draws. Each of them offered our readers a chance to win the latest must-have – the iPhone 4.

The draws have now been held and as we reported, two of the iPhones have been delivered to their delighted winners, Anura Palihawadana Ranatunge in Sri Lanka and Sarah Kim Honey in Korea.

But the third winner has not stepped forward to receive her prize, despite several attempts to contact her.

The draw was conducted online so we have very few details of that elusive third winner, although we think she may be based in southern India. All we know definitely is that she is an existing subscriber to ucanews.com and her name is Sister Pushpa, so we assume she is a Religious.

Do you know a Sister Pushpa? Do you happen to know if she reads ucanews.com? It isn’t a specially common name so if you do, she could be the one who has a brand new iPhone 4 awaiting her.

Why not ask her? We have her email address so we’ll be able to verify that we’ve found the right Sister Pushpa. All she has to do is contact our marketing director Christopher Joseph, at christy@ucanews.com, using the same email address she used to enter the draw.

We hope to hear from Sister Pushpa soon.
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