Gallery reopens with offensive works removed

Controversial images angered Hindus

Chirendra Satyal, Kathmandu, Nepal

September 17, 2012

Authorities have allowed a Kathmandu art gallery to reopen, albeit with almost all of its paintings by artist Manish Harijan removed, after they were deemed offensive to Hinduism. Following demonstrations by artists earlier on Friday in which they covered their mouths and eyes with black tape, Siddartha Art Gallery reopened. But on Saturday only two paintings from the controversial exhibition The Rise of the Collateral were still on show. A person at the gallery, who declined to be named, said the paintings were sold after authorities told Harijan to sign a declaration stating that they would not be shown publicly. Harijan’s works, which include Hindu gods in superhero outfits drinking alcohol, prompted a confrontation between the artist and members of the World Hindu Federation at the gallery last week.