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Fukushima’s Christian heroes risk all

  • Japan
  • April 1, 2011
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Christian volunteers are among the workers risking their lives at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant to quell the growing radioactivity and to try to secure the power plant, according to Sendai Bishop Martin Tetsuo Hiraga.

In Fukushima, there are currently 180 anonymous volunteers who, in shifts of 50, are entering the nuclear power plant to carry out emergency operations, Fides reports.

“In the midst of this tragedy we are experiencing and which is creating serious concern for all, we know that some Christians are working as volunteers near the plant,” Bishop Hiraga told Fides.

“In this terrible situation, the Japanese Christians have a great opportunity to give witness to their faith and Gospel values. They are doing it in solidarity and dedication to others, in a spirit of self-denial. In Fukushima workers are risking their lives to save the Japanese people and prevent nuclear catastrophe,” the bishop said.

In recent days, three men working near the reactor number three of the nuclear power plant were hospitalised due to radiation contamination.

According to local sources of Fides, the leader of the team that manages operations is a Christian, while five others who are members of a Baptist community are working in the process of cooling reactors No 1. and 2.

The faithful are carrying out this delicate and dangerous task “in full awareness of giving their lives for others, in faith and in prayer” and have asked for prayers from all the faithful around the world, “to entrust their lives into the hands of God.”

A special prayer vigil was held in Singapore a few days ago for the victims, for those who are working in solidarity, for the Christian communities in Japan and to support “the Christian heroes of Fukushima” by the Overseas Missionary Fellowship, the evangelical Christian community which has missionaries in 12 Asian countries.


The Christian heroes in Fukushima, who sacrifice their lives to avoid a nuclear catastrophe (Fides)


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