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Filipino bishops seek to stop death penalty revival

Senior clerics appeal to legislators to vote down any attempt to reimpose capital punishment

September 15, 2016

Catholic bishops in Philippines have appealed to legislators to oppose any attempt to revive capital punishment.

The bishops said the death penalty transgresses the dignity of the human person and contradicts God’s plan for individuals and society.

"We ask Catholic lawmakers to withhold support from any attempt to restore the death penalty," read a statement called "Ethical Guidelines on the Proposals to Restore Death Penalty" released on Sept. 14.

"It must not be forgotten that the inviolable and God-given right to life also belongs to the criminal," read the bishops' statement.

"No one can forfeit the right to life, because life is at the free disposal of none, not even the state" it added.

Capital punishment was abolished in the Philippines in 2006. 



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