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Ending domestic violence in Bangladesh Whats this?
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A change in society and mindset is needed to release men and women from a violent form of patriarchy

Ending domestic violence in Bangladesh

Monimala Biswas, 44, a Hindu housewife from southwestern Narail district has faced years of domestic violence when she protested against her husband's affair. ( photo) reporters, Dhaka

October 12, 2016

Women activists have identified Bangladesh\'s patriarchal social system and inadequate legal resources as the key causes of the country\'s extremely high levels of domestic violence.

\"Our male-dominated social system and the mindset among males to subjugate and control women are responsible for high levels of domestic violence in Bangladesh,\" said Rita Roselin Costa, convener of the Bangladesh Catholic bishops\' women\'s desk.

Costa was reacting to a recent survey report from the state-run Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics that found 80.2 percent of married women have faced abuse and violence at the hands of their husbands and in-laws.

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