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Employers must offer decent salaries: Caritas

Caritas Macau secretary-general Paul Pun Chi Meng calls for fair wages.

  • Macau
  • June 20, 2011
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Paul Pun Chi Meng arrives at the local association Caritas with a worried look on his face. “Sorry, but I got a call from a former student who is having drug problems,” he quickly explains as he grabs a chair to sit on.
Caritas secretary general says he is still trying to find out why the number of young female girls taking up drugs is increasing. Probably, another of the many changes that he has witnessed in society over the years, which he calls “interesting”.
Even though the social welfare system is improving, in the interview with Macau Daily Times, Paul Pun describes how a growing number of people are seeking help from Caritas in order to cover their basic needs. While the city is becoming richer, people are becoming poorer, he complains.
According to Pun, the government “is on the right track” in terms of social welfare, but other sectors should enhance their efforts to contribute more to society, especially the business sector which still profits from low salaries.
Low-income families, he adds, “are starting to become socially isolated because of financial problems,” mainly because what they earn barely covers the rent and the need for basic goods.
On the other hand, the middle class is becoming a bit unhappy as well, he says, sharing his ideas on how the public housing system should work in Macau.
- Alexandra Lages
‘Employers should provide decent salaries’ (Macau Daily Times)
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