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Episcopal Church attacks birth bill

Archbishop accuses backers of being in the pay of foreigners

Episcopal Church attacks birth bill
Archbishop Loren Thomas Hines
Mach Alberto D. Fabe, Cagayan de Oro, and D’Jay Lazaro, Manila

May 26, 2011

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The Charismatic Episcopal Church (CEC) today joined the Catholic Church in opposing the reproductive health bill now pending in Congress. Archbishop Loren Thomas Hines, primate of the Territory of Southeast Asia and Europe of the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (ICCEC) urged Christians in Northern Mindanao to oppose the bill. Wearing a black shirt emblazoned with the words in white “All Life is Sacred. CEC4Life,” Archbishop Hines said the issue was more than just a moral or emotional one. “It is a spiritual issue and thus the fight for the rights and sanctity of life is a spiritual battle,” he said. Archbishop Hines, who heads the Cathedral of the King in Mandaluyong City, said "unscrupulous and evil men" were behind the bill. He said the government is kowtowing to the desires of foreign countries because of backroom deals that will only benefit a few high-ranking government officials. “My wife once had a television program. But when she revealed this in her program – that a foreign country is interfering in our government through the RH bill – government censors immediately banned her from airing her program again,” he said. Meanwhile, a supporter of the bill has accused an opponent of resorting to violence and threats during a debate session inside the House of Representatives on Tuesday. Kenneth Keng of Filipino Freethinkers accused Rizalito David, former senatorial candidate of the Ang Kapatiran Party and resource person of Pro-Life Philippines, of shoving his camera-phone and hitting his glasses in the process. “In the next few days, we hope to get David sanctioned by Congress and banned from entering its premises. We will file an incident report in Congress tomorrow, and we’ll consider filing a lawsuit against Rizalito David – we have more than enough witnesses who are willing to testify,” said Keng. Keng was recording the debate from the audience gallery of the plenary hall when David allegedly uttered loudly that those who don’t believe the Kissinger Population Report was an imperialist plot was “bobo” (stupid). Keng replied that he has read the report and that he didn’t think it was stupid. David later told Keng that pro-bill advocacy groups receive funding from foreigners. Keng replied that the Catholic Church and the anti-bill groups are also receiving foreign funding. David got angry and invited Keng to “go outside” to settle the matter. Keng pointed his cameraphone from the hearing to David to record the alleged threats. People around them tried to restrain David but he still managed to hit the cameraphone with the back of his hand, sending it flying into Keng’s glasses. PM14312
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