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Duterte blasts bishop for criticizing anti-narcotics war Whats this?
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Even before being elected, Duterte has been waging a war or words against church leaders

Duterte blasts bishop for criticizing anti-narcotics war

President Rodrigo Duterte speaks before personnel of the Philippine National Police in Zamboanga City. (Photo by Toto Lozano)

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte lashed out at a Catholic bishop for criticizing the government's war on narcotics that has resulted in the death of some 3,500 suspected drug users and dealers.

"I'm really appalled by so many groups and individuals, including priests and bishops, complaining about the number of persons killed in the operation against the drug problem," said the president.

Duterte singled out retired Archbishop Fernando Capalla of Davao, in the southern city where the president was mayor for two decades.

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