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Don't make this political, says priest in 'Allah' case

Malaysia Muslims to demonstrate as case returns to court

<p>Picture: Herald Malaysia</p>

Picture: Herald Malaysia

  • Herald Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • August 22, 2013
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It was never meant to become a major national issue. Whether the Catholics will be able to use the word "Allah" to refer to their god in their weekly newspaper, Herald, will come up again in court tomorrow [Thursday August 22.]

"This was about the weekly using the word ‘Allah’, it is not about Allah per se, but it has snowballed into something else now. We want politics out of this," said the 68-year-old priest and editor of the Herald, Father Lawrence Andrew.

He is not about to get his wish on that count.

The Malay rights group Perkasa, headed by leaders rebuffed at the general election, has already declared it will turn up tomorrow at the Palace of Justice in support of the government’s ban on the Herald’s use of the word.

In a statement on Monday, Perkasa called on other Muslims to join it at Putrajaya in great numbers tomorrow morning to "show support towards efforts in defending the word ‘Allah’ from being used and misused by other religious believers".

So does the priest know what to expect tomorrow, both in court and with the likes of Perkasa supporters waiting outside?

"I leave it in the hands of God, what is there to fear," Andrew said, with his hands clasped.

He added that this was the reason he had told Catholics who had offered to turn up in court to offer support to "stay back where you are and pray".

Full Story: Keep politics out, says Herald editor as Allah issue goes to court 

Source: Herald Malaysia

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