Diocese solves pressing problem

British charity helps as ancient printing press for instructional books needs replacing

Mike MacLachlan, London, United Kingdom

May 9, 2011

A pressing problem for an Indonesian diocese has been solved by a British Catholic charity. Father Augustus Habur, director of the Catechetical Commission of Ruteng, wrote to the charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) seeking a replacement for its printing press, built in 1964. It has been repaired many times over the years, but it is now difficult to get spare parts for it. Father Habur wrote: “We face the problem of how to buy a new one, because of lack of funds. We really need your support for this project.” ACN responded with half of the $13,500 (US$22,000) total cost for a new machine. Ruteng diocese, on the largely Catholic island of Flores, has 77 parishes, each of which has at least 30 volunteer catechists who rely on the commission’s instruction materials. Annual publications include 10,000 catechetical books for adults, 8,000 catechetical books aimed at young people, and another 8,000 books for children. The commission also produces collections of Sunday homilies, church bulletins and other materials, such as Easter cards.