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Did this arrogant gesture cause a politician's death?

A V-sign by this Bangladesh Islamist hardliner may have led to his death sentence

Did this arrogant gesture cause a politician's death?

Picture: Dhaka Tribune

Apparently exulted by the life sentence given by a war crimes tribunal on February 5, Abdul Quader Molla, also known as “Butcher of Mirpur,” may have made the biggest blunder in his political career full of notoriety.

He had remained untouchable for 38 years since the murder of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman even after masterminding the murder of hundreds of innocent people. The senior Jamaat-e-Islami leader did show a victory sign with a haughty smile that brought together the people, who were previously thought to be divided over many issues.

The people, irrespective of their ages and religious and political identities, protested the “lenient” life-term and poured onto the streets across the country demanding death sentence for Quader Molla.

The V-sign triggered the Shahbagh movement that demanded capital punishment for all war criminals and a ban on the politics of Jamaat and its students’ wing Islami Chhatra Shibir.

The observers then predicted that Quader Molla must die for the V-sign he had showed with a lopsided smile.

The experts’ prediction comes true as the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court on September 17 handed down capital punishment to Quader Molla, who had run a concentration camp in Mirpur in the capital and committed massacres.

“He should have cried and feigned to have not got justice, to earn people’s sympathy. Instead, he was seen happy and was smiling. This made people extremely angry,” said a Jamaat-leaning journalist. Opposing the Shahbagh movement, the Islamist parties buried their internal political differences and accelerated the Hefazat-e-Islam to counter the Shahbagh activists, say observers. Gradually, Hefazat has become a major political issue in Bangladesh.

Full Story: The V-sign that led to Quader Molla downfall

Source: Dhaka Tribune

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