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Cure of Jairus’s daughter

February 5, 2013

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There are two miracle stories given to us in this selection from Mark’s Gospel, and both of them carry a message


First, the story of the little girl, the daughter of Jairus, the president of the synagogue.

The girl has just died. The official pleads with Jesus to come to his house and “lay your hands upon her, and she will live.” When Jesus reaches their home, a great commotion awaits him -- the paid mourners are creating a racket with their wailing and weeping.

“Be off !” says Jesus, “the girl is not dead, but asleep.” And entering the bedroom, he  sends everyone away except the girl’s parents and his close disciples. Then he bent over her prostrate form and said, “Little girl, get up !” and taking the girl by the hand, he rest-ored her to life. Then he gave her to her parents, telling them to give her something to eat.


This is the first recorded miracle of  Jesus raising someone from death to life. How wonderful that this should happen to a young girl who is restored not just to physical life, but to becoming a woman, and a bearer of life herself !


The healing touch of Jesus brings life to those presumed dead. In the second miracle the situation is slightly different. Here  Jesus also brings life and healing even when he is touched unawares, because of the faith which inspires the contact.


As Jesus was walking towards the official’s house, the crowds pressed upon him from every side. Among the people was an old woman. She had suffered from an incurable haemorrhage for years, and had lost faith in all doctors. Seeing Jesus, she thought,

 “If I could only touch the edge of his cloak, I will be cured.” And so she did. Jesus turned and saw her, but instead of scolding her as she had expected, he praises her. “Take courage, my daughter, your faith has saved you.”


In both cases, the Gospel shows the power of Jesus responding to faith. When faith is intense, as in the case of the old woman, the healing touch of Jesus effects an instant cure. But even when the faith is weak and the client is desperate – as Jairus and his wife were – the Lord does not withhold his cure. The physical cure is meant to draw the patient into a relationship of  trust in Jesus, and of confidence in him.

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