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Couple renew vows as wife and wife after man has sex change

After nine years of marriage, a husband has undergone gender reassignment and his wife has declared her support and love.

  • Jeff Schapiro
  • United Kingdom
  • January 12, 2012
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Barry and Anne Watson were united nine years ago as husband and wife, but a lot has changed since then. After Barry began pursuing a sex change, the U.K. couple renewed their wedding vows last year and reaffirmed their commitment to one another this time as wife and wife.

Barry, who now goes by the name of Jayne, told the Sunday Mirror that during a rough patch in their marriage, Anne actually thought he was cheating on her with another woman, when in fact he wanted to be a woman himself. Though Anne was “furious” to learn that Barry wanted to undergo a sex change at first, Jayne explained, she later conceded.

“Anne came to accept me for who I wanted to be and love me as Jayne. Renewing our vows seemed the perfect way to tell the world how happy we are with our new lives,” said Jayne.

As a child, Barry wore his mother's skirts and dresses while she was away. Later in life he would drive to a place where no one knew him just so he could wear women's clothes in public without being noticed.

Barry began dating women so that he would fit in, and in 1995 he met Anne. He was “totally attracted to Anne” when they first met, and after six months they moved into a house together in Halifax, West Yorkshire. They were married in 2002, but that didn't put an end to his identity issues.

Full Story: Couple Renews Vows After Husband Has Sex Change

Source: Christian Post


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