City's chief engineer shot dead reporter, Manila, Philippines

September 7, 2012

Gunmen shot dead Makati City’s chief engineer today as he left a church in Malinao, Albay province. Nelson Morales was gunned down as he left Estancia Church at around 10am after attending a wedding service, a police spokesman said. It is thought that the killing may have been politically motivated. The engineer, who was from Malinao, was planning to run in the town's mayoral elections next year. He once served under Vice President Jejomar Binay while the latter was mayor of Makati City. He was also chairman of Binay's United Nationalist Alliance Party in Albay province. "I mourn the killing of Nelson Morales," Binay said after being told about the shooting. "I admired his dedication to public service and his desire to serve his home town."