Church tries to approach young people

Church tries to approach young people
The 2010 coming of age of Catholic youths (photo: Korean bishops' conference) staff, Seoul, Korea

May 18, 2011

The Korean Catholic Church is trying to communicate with youth by suggesting practical alternatives to their conflicts and problems.

Recently, the Korean Bishops’ Committee for Catechesis published all seven volumes of catechism for the youth.

It is to help the youth without interest in the catechism find their identities as Christians and the right way of life, according to the committee.

Sister Regina Lee Moo-yon, secretary of the committee, said “We have surveyed 400 youths who had participated in the Korea Youth Day in 2010 about their practical problems.”

Sister Lee said that the result revealed their various agonies like premarital cohabitation, homosexuality, employment and marriage, adding Catholic teachings on such problems have been reflected in the books.

Also, the Youth Ministry Department of Pusan diocese will hold a ceremony to celebrate the coming-age of Catholic youths who turn 20 years old on May 20-22.

Father Andrea Baek Sung-hwan, director of the department said, “We will help the youth practice the Catholic teaching in their life after the ceremony.”

Meanwhile, priests of Suwon vicariate of Suwon diocese delivered a scholarship of three million won (US$2,757) to Hyomyeong high school, run by the diocese.

The priests collected the money among themselves and will support students once a year.

One of them, Father Joachim Lee Ki-soo, said “It is meaningful that priests have an interest in Catholic education and support students with a scholarship.”