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Church groups offer pickup service for new students in China

They take them to their new university and also show them nearby churches

September 20, 2016

Several church groups in China have taken the initiative to offer a free pickup service for Catholics who are new to university.

Li Yaneng is part of a Catholic youth group in Chengdu Diocese that offers a service that picks up students from train stations or airports and takes them to their new university while also showing them nearby church locations.

"There are Catholic students coming to Chengdu for their university study every year," said Le, who is a native of northwestern Shaanxi province.

"Our youth group wants to let them to feel the warmth of local Catholics through the pickup service and to know where the nearest church is located near the campus," she said.

"Being new to a place, their faith may fade away gradually if they can't find a church to maintain their religious life," she said.

Li's youth group spreads news about their service via Wechat, a popular social media in China.

A charity group in Kunming in southwestern Yunnan province publicize a similar service for new Catholic students.

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