Church condemns 'blasphemou?s' movie

Christians support Muslims over 'offensive' film

Church condemns 'blasphemou?s' movie
Father Aftab James Paul reading out the Church statement reporter, Faisalabad , Pakistan

September 17, 2012

Church leaders in Faisalabad at the weekend added their voices to those of enraged Muslims in condemning an anti-Islamic film which has sparked a wave of violence across the Muslim world. The Diocesan Commission for Interfaith Dialogue issued a statement on Saturday, expressing outrage over the controversial movie – Innocence of Muslims. “The movie has hurt spiritual and religious sentiments of Muslims as well as Christians worldwide. The Vatican, like leaders of other countries, has condemned its release and promotion. This is a huge blow to world peace and efforts for interfaith harmony,” the statement said. It concluded with a call for the arrest of movie maker Sam Becile and Terry Jones, an American pastor who publicly supported the movie. Jones achieved notoriety and offended Muslims by burning the Qu’ran in April. Father Aftab James Paul, director of the commission, said the Church hoped to avoid a possible backlash against Christians by showing support to Muslims over the controversial film. On Friday a large banner was also hung on the gates of Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral. “We strongly condemn the blasphemous American-made movie against the Holy Prophet”, it said. It was undersigned by Bishop Rufin Anthony, apostolic administrator of Faisalabad diocese, and the “Christian community of Pakistan.” The banner was put up as violent protests gathered momentum following Friday sermons attacking the controversial movie. Related reports “Burn a Qu’ran” pastor backed the film that sparked carnage