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Christians demand rights resolution

Mothers ask president to address and resolve human rights cases

Mother of a communist victim speaks to Denny Indrayana (left) Mother of a communist victim speaks to Denny Indrayana (left)
  • Konradus Epa, Jakarta
  • Indonesia
  • March 11, 2011
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Christians from the Indonesian Bishops’ Conference and Communion of Churches in Indonesia joined mothers and activists yesterday to demand President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono seriously tackle human rights abuses.

Calling themselves the “Victims’ Solidarity Network for Justice,” the group made their demand in a letter that was handed in at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta during a peaceful protest.

Denny Indrayana, the president’s advisor on human rights and legal issues, accepted the letter.

“On March 26, 2008, we asked the president to immediately resolve several human rights cases. None of these cases has reached court yet,” the letter said.

They also complained that some human rights cases reported to the National Commission on Human Rights had yet to be settled.

“We, the victims and families of the victims, will continue to struggle for truth and justice,” they said.

They also asked President Yudhoyono not to appoint individuals accused of human rights violations as state officials.

Indrayana told the protesters the president would pay serious attention to their grievances and try and resolve as many of them as he could.

These issues are more complicated than corruption cases if they are seen from political and legal aspects, Indrayana said.
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