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Christians dance, sing for Easter

Thousands mark special day in Kathmandu, while a few celebrate 'first' Easter in Nepal's remote west

Young people enjoying themselves at a special Easter event Young people enjoying themselves at a special Easter event
  • ucanews.com reporter, Kathmandu
  • Nepal
  • April 26, 2011
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Christians took to the streets of Kathmandu in their thousands or held special events on Easter Sunday as the rest of the country celebrated People’s Democracy Day.

Carrying banners, singing hymns and distributing evangelical literature to onlookers, Protestants from over 100 churches staged a parade in Kathmandu on Easter morning before converging on the playing fields at the Jesuit run St. Xavier’s school for an Easter Mass.

“We proclaim that Jesus is risen in Nepal today and He will be forever with us,” Pastor Isu Jung Karki, coordinator of the Easter Peace Walk and Celebration of Kathmandu Valley Churches told the assembled crowd.

A short distance away at Assumption Church, where Bishop Anthony Sharma had blessed special containers of water at Easter Mass, a parish fete was organized in the parish grounds.

Parishioners sang hymns, inspirational songs and danced, while Sisters served food and drinks and the Vincent De Paul society sold donated items to raise money for the poor.

Games and competitions organized by various groups also helped raise money for the Church.

Bishop Anthony Sharma said on Sunday that the country’s western-most mission in Kanchanpur district celebrated its first formal Easter with the newly assigned Carmelite priests from Bijnor in India.

The mission in Tribhuwan Basti was officially inaugurated in a rented house in March and the Church, in another rented home, was officially named St. Mary’s Church. The two priests are ministering to about half-a-dozen Catholic families in the area, who before had to rely on visiting priests.

Meanwhile, in central Kathmandu, two dozen Christians conducting a relay "hunger strike" to demand a burial ground, passed the one month mark in their protest over Easter.
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