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Christian teenager arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan Whats this?
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He was arrested after a Facebook photo he liked offended his Muslim friend

Christian teenager arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan

Muslim pilgrims from all around the world circle around the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque, in the Saudi city of Mecca on Sept. 14. A Pakistani Christian teenager was arrested for liking on Facebook an allegedly disparaging photo of this holy Islamic shrine. (Photo by AFP) reporter, Karachi

September 21, 2016

A Christian teenager was arrested in Pakistan for "hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims" for liking an allegedly disparaging photo of a holy Islamic shrine on Facebook.

Nabeel Masih, 16, a resident of Bhai Pheru town in Pakistan's Punjab province, was arrested on Sept. 18 under the country's blasphemy law after his Muslim friend, Akhtar Ali filed a complaint.

In his charge, Ali said that he spotted a derogatory photo of the Holy Kaaba, a shrine at the center of Islam's most sacred mosque in Mecca and one of Islam's holiest sites, when he viewed Masih's Facebook page.

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