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Chinese priests on Korea 'learning' visit

 Nanjing bishop leads delegation on fact-finding mission

Chinese priests on Korea 'learning' visit
Seven Chinese priests including Bishop Francisco Lu Xin Ping of Nanjing diocese are visiting Daejeon diocese

June 16, 2011

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A Chinese delegation from Nanjing diocese is visiting to "learn" from a Korean diocese. The seven priests including Bishop Francisco Lu Xin Ping of Nanjing arrived in South Korea to visit Daejeon diocese on a visit that will last until June 18. They were most interested in the seminarian training system and social welfare services. They also paid a visit to Bishop Lazzaro You Heung-sik at his diocesan office today. Bishop Lu said during the meeting: "The most important service our Church can render must be the cultivation of talented people. We are here to see what Daejeon diocese is doing for that, so that we can train more priests for our diocese." Also, he anticipated that "If China opens up more in religious matters, the Catholic Church will be asked to play a bigger role in the social welfare field." The Chinese delegation visited the Seocheon Amenity City, a Catholic welfare complex for the elderly and disabled in Seocheon on June 14, and yesterday they visited Daejeon St. Mary's Hospital and the Daejeon Saint Mary's Girls' High School. All 19 priests in the party, including Bishop Lu, are from Nanjing diocese. Father Lucas Kim Yun-seok of Daejeon has been working in Nanjing for Korean expatriates and students there since 2007. Through him, Bishop Lu wanted to know about Daejeon diocese and what it does, especially in areas of promoting the priestly vocation, evangelization activity and diocesan administration. Daejeon diocese had 326 priests as of 2010. Greeting the visiting delegation, Bishop You said that Nanjing diocese is likely to send seminarians to his diocesan seminary for study. The Chinese delegation is scheduled to return on June 18 after visiting Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul. Related  reports ´East Asian scholars get religious´
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