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Catholics urged not to be single issue voters

Don't make this election a fight over the RH Bill, pleads candidate

Catholics urged not to be single issue voters
Senate candidate Teddy Casiño of the Makabayan party speaks today in Manila reporter, Manila

April 29, 2013

A leftist candidate for the May 13 senatorial elections told Catholic Church leaders today not to reduce the senatorial race into a single issue contest.
Teddy Casio of the Makabayan party said that while one's stand on the Reproductive Health Bill is important, candidates should also be measured on other "equally compelling issues that face the nation."
Concerned that the elections is being reduced to a battle between opponents and supporters of the RH Bill, Casio urged the Church to "teach the faithful to be more discerning" in setting standards for legislators.
A group of Catholic lay organizations earlier formed what they called the "White Vote Movement" to endorse candidates for senator who are against the controversial law.
Mike Velarde, spokesman of the movement and head of the seven-million strong El Shaddai charismatic group, yesterday said they will monitor the candidates they endorse to see if they are fulfilling their pledge to stand up for the group’s cause.
"They made a commitment that if they win, they will fight any proposed law that is against the family and anything that will lead to the annihilation of the Filipino race, and things that are against the word of God, against the commandments of God,” Velarde said.
The movement has so far endorsed nine senatorial candidates, excluding Casio who voted for the passage of the RH Bill.
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