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Catholics join Buddhists to help youth

Two faiths say they will work together to aid marginalised kids

Catholics join Buddhists to help youth
Young people participating in a program of Korean Buddhists' Foundation for Social Welfare (photo courtesy of foundation)
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A Buddhist welfare organization and a Catholic fund-raising agency have agreed to cooperate to help marginalized young people find their way. The Korean Buddhists' Foundation for Social Welfare announced yesterday that for the welfare of youth they have agreed to cooperate with Babo Nanum (“Fool’s Sharing”), fund-raising agency established in memory of Cardinal Kim. Lee Hye-hyun, coordinator of the Buddhist foundation run by the Jogye Order, the largest Buddhist denomination in the country, said it is a "first" for a Catholic organization to promise to actively support the Buddhist ministry. She noted it is "very meaningful" for two different religions to have decided to work together for the welfare project for marginalized young people. Babo Nanum has recently chosen 28 projects that it would support to the tune of some 700 million won (US$620,000) during this year. One of them, the Buddhist project will receive 30 million won from the Catholic agency. With a slogan, "You Can Change the World by Sharing Experience," the project launched in 2007 has helped marginalized young people find their way and dream while they meet professionals at the workplace According to Lee, now some 60 professionals and some 350 volunteers who "donate their talent" help some 1,500 youth. Nicolas Kim Jong-min, managing director of Babo Nanum, said that since the Buddhist project tries to lead young people to the bright and healthy future, his agency has decided to support it "beyond the religious boundary." Besides financial support, Babo Nanum will back various camps for youth and charity activities run by the Buddhist foundation. KO13577.1644

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