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Caritas farm school yields first crop reporter, Clarkabad

November 12, 2012

Rice farmers and representatives of Caritas Pakistan Lahore (CPL) gathered yesterday to mark the harvesting of the first yield from a “farmer’s field” school in Punjab province. The farming school program, administered by the Catholic aid group CPL's Livelihood Program and with an aim to improve agricultural livelihoods across Punjab province, began last year and included bi-monthly workshops on crop management and the use of organic methods. “I saved about 6,000 rupees (US$62) by avoiding sprays and fertilizers. I expect more profits because crops are now bigger and stronger,” said Anwar Achar, a farmer who participated in the training classes. CPL also inaugurated a bio-fermenter, which uses a by-product of sugar mills added to cow urine and water. “Many farmers are contacting us to build similar plants,” said Amir Irfan, national coordinator of the CPL’s Livelihood Program. He added that CPL administers eight farming schools across Punjab province.
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