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Cambodia's flood relief needs

Relief efforts are going on in Cambodia, where 17 provinces have seen flooding and 247 people have been killed due to the heavy monsoon rains, said a report on ABC Radio Australia

  • Cambodia
  • October 20, 2011
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Presenter: Liam Cochrane
Speaker: Lindsay Daines, Caritas Australia's Group Leader for Southeast Asia

DAINES: In Cambodia, it's still raining. The biggest problem currently is that the flood waters are not receding as quickly as might be expected. But the floods do seem to have peaked. About seven-thousand families are being helped by us and there over 250 deaths in Cambodia, and it's affected a number of provinces along the Tonle Sap and then into the Mekong, so it's come down from the north to the south of the country.

COCHRANE: Tell us a bit more about some of those seven-thousand families that you're assisting, where are they and what sort of conditions are they living in?

DAINES: They're in Kampong Thom and Kampong Cham province, they're not living at home anymore really, a lot of them are in the shelters so the things that they lose of course are obviously things that you don't move when you go away from a flood which is heavy things, kitchen items, food. One of the biggest problems always with a flood is there's lots of water but it's not clean and getting people clean water and medical assistance is really important. The other thing of course is that agriculture land gets destroyed so that the Cambodian government's estimating about 190-thousand hectares of rice fields have been destroyed.


Cambodia floodwaters yet to recede (ABC Radio Australia)

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