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Bishop opposes plan to ban firecrackers in the Philippines

Prelate says fireworks are part of Filipino culture and provide jobs

October 18, 2016

A Philippine bishop has expressed opposition to a government plan to implement a total firecracker ban in the country, saying it is part of Filipino culture.

The proposal to ban firecrackers came after a huge explosion killed two people and injured 20 others in the town of Bocaue in Bulacan province on Oct. 12.

The blast happened in a warehouse that is manufacturing pyrotechnics for the holiday season.

"What happened in Bocaue was an unfortunate incident," said Bishop Jose Oliveros of Malolos, also in Bulacan province, in an interview on Oct. 17.

The prelate, however, said many people in the town of Bocaue and other parts of the Philippines will lose their source of income and way of living if a total firecracker ban is implemented.

Instead of a total firecracker ban, Bishop Oliveros called for stricter security measures and for the government to ensure its implementation.

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