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Billboard ads urge Catholics to return to confession

Without gimmicks, jokes or puns, a diocese has commissioned professionally developed advertising messages to revive the practice of regular confession.

Billboard ads urge Catholics to return to confession

March 26, 2013

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His Excellency Bishop Slattery is excited to announce the Confession Initiative for the Diocese of Tulsa during the Year of Faith. Beginning in Lent and continuing through Pentecost (Tuesdays during February 13, 2013 - May 19, 2013), every parish in the Diocese will be offering the sacrament of Confession at the same time. Every Church will hold Confession on Tuesday from 6PM - 7PM.  

This initiative seeks to overcome three of the greatest hindrances to the laity in receiving the sacrament of Confession more often, those hindrances being fear, convenience and lack of knowledge.  

Fear - The fear of returning to confession after a long absence is completely understandable. However, simply click HERE and re-learn how to go to confession. The link includes how to prepare for confession and the prayers needed to complete your confession. Feel free to write or print any information you need and take it with you to the confessional. Additionally, there is no need to fear telling Father the sins you have committed. Father is absolutely prohibited from ever discussing your sins outside the confessional and you can remain anonymous inside the confessional. Or If you would prefer, go to a different parish priest since every parish in the diocese will be having confession at the same time.  

Convenience - Having confession at every parish on every Tuesday during Lent and Easter at 6PM will make going to confession as convenient as possible. Go after work or on your way to dinner. Go as a family after sports practice or go by yourself before seeing friends. Just go.

Lack of Knowledge - Confession is a necessity of the faith. If a person has committed a mortal sin and dies, they will not receive eternal salvation with Jesus Christ in Heaven. Confession removes that sin forever in the eyes of God.

It is the sincere hope that the faithful will take advantage of this unique opportunity to rediscover and renew their faith by participating in the sacrament of Confession during the Year of Faith.

Full Story: Confession Initiative

Source: Year of Faith Diocese of Tulsa

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