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Anger over live BBC broadcast from an abortion clinic

Anti-abortion groups inside and outside the UK are criticizing plans for a live BBC broadcast, saying that it amounts to free advertising.

  • Alex Murashko
  • United Kingdom
  • April 30, 2012
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Growing negative reaction to the BBC's plan to broadcast one of its Radio 5 Live shows from an abortion clinic is coming from pro-life groups in the United States as well as Europe.

During the two-hour live show hosted by Victoria Derbyshire, women who have chosen to have an abortion and some clinic staff members will be interviewed, according to The Independent, a London-based paper.

The show's location has yet to be announced and critics say the show is basically "free advertising" for pro-abortion groups.

"Broadcasting from an abortion clinic is, once again, proof that the abortion industry is willing to exploit vulnerable women facing life and death decisions," responded Heartbeat International in a statement given to The Christian Post by the group's U.S. spokesperson Thursday. "Some of these women may come to regret their decision to abort, an ordeal that may be exacerbated by having their stories broadcast to a worldwide audience by the BBC."

The Independent reported that the pro-life charity group LIFE said: "Let's not be fooled. This program would promote the clinics and the abortion industry at a time when it is reeling from recent allegations of improper conduct.

"As if it is not enough that the industry is now being allowed to advertise abortions as a product, here comes the BBC with some free advertising."

Full Story: BBC Plans 2-Hour Live Broadcast From Abortion Clinic

Source: Christian Post
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