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“All That John Said About This Man Is True”

March 22, 2013

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The controversies between Jesus and the Jewish establishment have peaked.


Again and again Jesus presents reasons to his opponents why they should accept him as the one sent by God. They should scrutinize his deeds at least, even if they do not accept his words. But his antagonists will not be placated. They claim that his arguments which place him alongside God are blasphemous. So much so, they pick up stones to throw at him – the punishment for blasphemy.


One last time Jesus confounds the Jews by pointing out that the Scriptures themselves agree on calling the prophets “gods”, for they come from God and bring God’s word to men. So if these  mere mortals can be called ‘god’ by the Jewish Law, what should they call  Jesus, who has been consecrated by the Father and sent on his mission? He asks, why do you want to stone me for blasphemy, just because I say I am God’s son? Look at what I do, accept the proof of my deeds!


 The establishment moved to arrest Jesus, but he escaped once again, and this time withdrew to the far side of the Jordan where John the Baptist used to preach. The crowds came to hear him, as they had done to that bold and rugged preacher. And listening to Jesus, it was inevitable that comparisons were made. This was the man to whom John the Baptist witnessed. This was the man he called the Lamb of God. This was the man to whom he sent his disciples, saying that he John should grow less, and Jesus should grow even more.


In fact, “all that John said about this man was true.”

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