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  • Tackling stress in Singapore

    May 10, 2017

    This fictional short film by tackles the topic of the stress experienced by 12-year-olds in Singapore, noting that youth suicide rate was at its highe

  • Responding to the Philippines' drug war

    April 28, 2017

    A Redemptorist brother in the Philippines has joined photojournalists in Manila who have been documenting the country's bloody war against illegal drugs. Brother Ciriaco Santiago, known to friends as "Brother Jun," joined the so-called "night crawlers" in December to bring to light the spate of drug-related killings in the Philippine capital. Since President Rodrigo Duterte declared war against narcotics mid 2016, human rights groups have documented up to 8,000 killings linked to the drug war. Many of those who died — suspected drug users and peddlers — come from urban poor communities. Aside from taking photographs of the war on drugs, Brother Jun visits the families of victims and, in many instances, attends to the burial of those who died. Vincent Go, contributing photographer for, accompanied Brother Jun in his nightly mission to document the war on drugs and come to the aid of victims. "It’s not just my personal apostolate," said Brother Jun. "When I click my camera, it’s not just me, but all my Redemptorist brothers behind the lens." He said the government's war on drugs is a "war on the poor" who have become victims of the spate of killings. The Redemptorists in Manila have provided counseling, funeral assistance, legal aid, livelihood support, and sanctuary to families of the drug war victims. Brother Jun described what he does as a "church mission."