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  • Fighting for the environment

    October 05, 2016

    This video from Transparency International focuses on the issue of how corruption in Indonesia has affected an impoverished community in a region where the environment has changed drasticall

  • Elections in Hong Kong

    September 09, 2016

    Hong Kong's Legislative Council (LegCo) election was held Sept. 4. Controversially, Beijing barred about 20 candidates for expressing pro-independence view, putting the poll under the international spotlight. The selection of the 70 member LegCo is complex: 35 members are directly elected through geographical constituencies that operate like regular electorates, five are directly elected through district councils and the other 30 are "functional" constituencies chosen by a combination of professional groups and registered individuals related to an established list of professions and industries. More than 2.2 million people cast their votes to choose from 213 candidates. The election saw both a record number of voters and a record voting rate of 58 percent since Hong Kong was returned by the British to China in 1997. (Photos and text by