• A vision for rural China

    January 25, 2016

    This video by Teach for All sets out the aims of their Teach for China initiative: to help rural children access education that is as good as their urban peers in the country.

  • Japan welcomes New Year with 'Hatsumode'

    January 05, 2016

    In Japan, people have a unique way of welcoming the New Year. At the stroke of midnight, the Japanese, who are mostly Buddhists and Shintoists, engage in solemn practices that are rooted in their beliefs.  Buddhists and Shintoists queue at shrines and temples to perform the annual “Hatsumode” or the “first shrine visit of the year.”  Japan’s Buddhist and Shintoist roots intertwine during “Hatsumode” as some Shintoists visit Buddhist temples while Buddhists pray at Shintoist shrines. “Hatsumode” is practiced by people of both faiths, who all hope for a prosperous year ahead.  (Text and Photos by Patricia Nabong, Tokyo)