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  • Reenergizing farmers in Nepal

    September 21, 2016

    This UNDP video looks at the recovery of a group of mushroom farmers in Nepal, after the devastating earthquakes in 2015. Krishna Laxmi of Kavre and five other micro entrepreneur

  • Women in Nepal: Challenges

    September 12, 2016

    Women suffer disproportionately in Nepal, especially in remote areas where there is a lack of accessible health services. A lack of primary education, traditional cultural norms that legitimize violence and discrimination, early marriage, young motherhood, poverty and overwork add to health related issues that women face. Currently the government runs 48,549 Female Community Health Volunteers centers nationwide, but due to the 2015 earthquake hundreds of these are completely or partially destroyed and many more without basic facilities such as handling antenatal and postnatal care of women and children. According to an estimated 2 million women and girls of reproductive age, including some 126,000 pregnant women, are at risk and that 1,500 women per month have difficulty accessing reproductive health services and consequently face life-threatening complications.