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  • Sunday Gospel reflection with Fr. Bill Grimm

    October 21, 2016

    Love it or fear it, a new Church is being born. It will take several lifetimes, but eventually the Church throughout the world will be different because of what is happening at the back of the temple.

  • Honoring 'Our Lady of La Naval de Manila'

    October 12, 2016

    The feast of the "Our Lady of La Naval de Manila" is one of the highlights of the annual celebration of the Month of the Holy Rosary in the predominantly Catholic Philippines. The "Our Lady of La Naval de Manila" is both a title and an image of the Blessed Mother venerated in the Philippines. Filipinos Catholics credit her intercession for successfully repulsing the Protestant Dutch invasion during the Battles of La Naval de Manila in 1646 and as a turning point for the country to remain a "bastion of Catholicism." The image has been venerated by various pontiffs, most notably by St. Pope Pius X, who granted the image a Canonical Coronation in 1907. In 2009, the Philippine government designated the image and its shrine as a National Cultural Treasure of the Philippines making it one of the country's "cultural properties." Every year, during the second Sunday of the month of October, thousands of devotees join a religious procession in honor of the Blessed Mother. (Photos and text Angie de Silva)